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+ Fandom A to Z Fanfiction Extravaganza +
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Welcome to the Fandom A-Z Fanfiction Extravaganza, a friendly and easygoing community for fanfiction of all kinds.

What We Are

Fandom A-Z is a weekly challenge community based on what we hope is somewhat of an original idea. Each week a word will be randomly picked from the dictionary, and all fanfiction submitted must be written around the word that is chosen. Though stories can be of any genre, series or pairing (or no pairing at all), they must contain the word, or the concept of the word. Once words are chosen through the entire alphabet, we'll begin again at A.

Your Masters Mods: x_solitudes_x and defaultlyric
Special Thanks To: allydesang for the awesome weekly banners!


+ Use common sense and observe the usual (and obvious) code of conduct. No harrassment, swearing, rudeness, ect. There will be a three strikes rule, and offenders of their third strike will be banned from the community. Really, people, this is supposed to be a friendly and easygoing community. :D

+ Absolutely no advertising. We're sorry, but if we allowed it, the community would be full of spam.

+ There will be a post each week with the featured word, but words and dates will also be posted here in the profile for quick and easy reference. We ask that you please try to post by midnight of the due date, though if it is a problem, you can technically post up until a new word challenge is put up. If there are not a lot of entries for a particular week, the challenge might end up being extended for another seven days.

+ All forms of fic are accepted. This includes one shots or multi-chapter epics, het or slash, cross-overs, drabbles, vignettes or poetry. You may also post artwork or comic strips so long as they include the word or concept of the word for the week's challenge. This is a community designed for practice, experimentation and exploration, so be as creative as you like!

+ All ratings and all genres are welcome, but please be courteous. Make sure to include ratings and any warnings that may be necessary, and make sure you put each entry under a cut. Disclaimers are also a good idea, if they apply.

Layout credit goes to butterflybox
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